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TPE Medical Tourniquet

Medical tourniquet made by TPE is environment and patients friendly than rubber tourniquet. Prevents rubber allergy,low cost & recyclable.

Tourniquet thickness: 0.65mm
Tourniquet width: 20mm
Tourniquet Length: 35mm
Colors: Customized

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TPE medical tourniquet is our newly developed products because it is friendly to the environment and patients

TPE Tourniquets

The tourniquet is a kind of elastic binding band. Normally used in routine treatment, such as fluid infusion, blood draw, blood transfusion, and hemostasis.

In addition, when the extremities are bleeding, you need emergency treatment. This elastic band is bound at the designated position of the extremities (upper thigh, near the armpit), which can temporarily stop bleeding and save time for follow-up treatment.

The traditional medical tourniquet is made of natural rubber or special rubber. However, as rubber products, there are often special groups of people allergic to rubber.

What is TPE, and why it replaces rubber as a medical tourniquet material?

Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is a new type of modified plastic material. It is a compound polymer material that has elasticity close to rubber.  The specially compounded TPE material has excellent elastic recovery and fully considers the safety of contact with human skin.

TPE’s excellent environmental protection and non-toxic properties have been recognized by the medical industry, and it has been tested by relevant medical industry standards. Because SEBS does not contain protein, human skin can be in contact with TPE materials for a long time, and it will not cause special people’s allergic reactions to special proteins.

TPE tourniquet

Latex Free TPE Medical Tourniquet Features:

  • APPEARANCE:Strip, in different colors, and with a smooth surface or texture surface
  • Eco-friendly: Can be burned, can be recycled
  • Patient-friendly: SEBS does not contain protein, allows long-term contact with humans skin. It will produce allergic reactions of special people to special proteins.
  • Cost-effective: Production efficiency is higher than that of rubber products, and it recyclable and reuseable. The cost of TPE tourniquets is also lower than that of rubber tourniquets, which is more suitable for promotion.
  • Convenient and safe: Packed in a dot-and-stack type, with strong flexibility and continuous extraction.


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