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Forehead Thermometer

LCD Display Forehead Thermometer, CE Approved. No need to touch any objects or people. Accurately record body temperature and surface temperature.

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The forehead thermometer also called the “infrared thermometer“. It absorbs the infrared radiation energy emitted by the body to measure body temperature. Because any object above the absolute zero (-273 ℃) will emit infrared rays, therefore, the forehead thermometer receives infrared rays through the sensor to obtain the temperature data.

An important role in the COVID-19 epidemic

The COVID virus can be spread through air, contact, etc. Whether the body temperature is our fastest and direct way to screen out infected persons. Especially, in some crowded public places, such as hospitals, transportation stations, gathering places, etc.

The use of a forehead thermometer can quickly and accurately screen out groups with abnormal body temperature without contact.

How to ensure the quality of our forehead thermometer

We manufacture it ourselves and have obtained registration and production license of Chinese medical devices II. We ensure the source of all components and product quality under regulation.

From raw material selection to make the mold, production to testing, it will take at least six months. The frontal temperature gun requires strict mechanical structure, electronic circuit, and software algorithm design, and must be confirmed by laboratory data and clinical data. If there is no clinical data support, it may be unpredictable.

When the epidemic began to close, the lack of productivity and the shortage of raw materials led to a serious shortage of output. It also caused the price increase of the main components – sensors and chips. This situation causing many manufacturers unable to produce and sell normally.

But after these two months, our productivity and supply chain have been restored, and we have officially completed the registration of the product production license and passed the test. Produced and sold under the supervision of the National Medical Device Administration.


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