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Endotracheal Tube

We provided standard and reinforced Endotracheal Tubes.

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The endotracheal tube is a medical device inserted into the trachea and/or bronchus of a patient to create a temporary artificial breathing channel for the patient, especially the patient who cannot breathe spontaneously.

The differences between the endotracheal tube and the tracheostomy tube:

ET tube is placed into the trachea, Tracheostomy is to cut the neck surgically to expose the trachea.


Our ET tube classification Standard type and Reinforced type, and is the oral tracheal tube.

The standard type is made of medical-grade PVC. It has good stability and is not prone to prolapse. At the same time, the fixation method is convenient for oral care, and it is more common in the clinic.

The main material of reinforced type is special soft resin and there are spiral steel wires in the wall, which makes the flexibility of the tube body greatly improved. During the use of the reinforced tracheal tube, lubricating paraffin oil is generally coated on the core It can make intubation more smooth, and the intubation time and success rate have certain advantages over ordinary tracheal tubes.

In addition, the texture of the tip of the reinforced tracheal tube is softer, which can be changed with the shape of the upper airway, and the degree of fit is good.

Endotracheal Tube

Endotracheal Tube


  • Types: Standard  and Reinforced
  • Cuff:  5 years old and below or the inner diameter of the catheter is less than 5.5mm, cuffs are generally not needed; adults and older children over 8 years old use cuffed catheters
  • ID: 4.5mm/5.0mm/5.5mm/6.0mm/6.5mm/7.0mm/7.5mm/8.0mm




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