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AnesthesiaMask andOxygenMask-FIRERYMED

Airway Management & Intubation/

Anesthesia Mask and Oxygen Mask

Multiple specifications are available

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Airway Mask commonly used for airway management and related treatments, non-protective masks. The masks related to the circuits or tubing we produce are anesthesia mask and oxygen mask.

oxygen mask

Oxygen mask is a device that transfers oxygen from the storage tank to the lungs of the human body. It plays an important role in the adjuvant treatment of diseases. It is composed of a nose clip, mask, elastic band, mask joint, oxygen tube, conical joint, etc.

  • Performance and structure: The oxygen storage system is composed of the mask, oxygen storage bag, T-shaped tee, oxygen delivery catheter, and fixed components.
  • Uses: Used for patients with dyspnea and hypoxic patients to give oxygen.
  • Usage: Oxygen is directly injected into the oxygen storage bag, the mask is placed on the patient’s face, and the mouth and nose are sealed. The mask is fixed to the patient’s head using a fixing member to perform oxygen absorption.


1) 100% medical grade PVC material, PP for connector

2) Size: S/M/X/XL

3) With O2 Tubing (Length Customized)

anesthesia mask

anesthesia mask

The anesthesia face mask is used to deliver anesthetic gas into the patients’ bodies. The anesthesia mask can be seamlessly attached to the face, can be pressurized for mask ventilation, and the main part is rigid. Commonly used general anesthesia for patients is to use an anesthesia mask for anesthesia. In the initial stage of general anesthesia, the anesthesia mask is attached to the patient’s face, while delivering oxygen and volatile anesthesia gas to the patient. You can remove the anesthesia mask


1) Medical grade PVC
2) With a check valve

3) Colored hooks indicate mask size, easy to indicate

4) Size: 0#,1#,2#,3#,4#,5#,6#



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