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Anesthesia Breathing Circuits

Anesthesia breathing circuits or ventilator circuit kits. customized in the length or including add-ons( i.e: water traps, reservoir bags, Co2 sampling lines, masks, HMEF filters, etc. )

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Firerymed offers a variety of anesthesia breathing circuits and ventilator circuit kits.

All types of breathing circuits may be customized in the length or add-ons( i.e: water traps, reservoir bags, Co2 sampling lines, masks, HMEF filters, etc. ) to meet your requirements in ICU, Anesthesia, Emergency, Neonatology, and home care.

Moreover, for specific details, please download and view our PDF document to find the specific model, and contact us for further more information.


breathing circuit


  • ISO standard machine end connector
  • Medical grade materials, No toxic
  • Leak-resistant connections
  • Flexible, soft, and lightweight
  • Lenght customized by the end-user
  • Masks, elbows, tubing, wyes, gas sampling port, breathing bags, and HMEs, HMEFs  for options
  • Latex or latex-free breathing bag ( 0.5-1-2-3 liters)
  • Sterile by EO (optional)

Types & sizes of circuits we offer:

  • Different sizes: Adult, Pediatric, Neonatal
  • Single-limb, Dual-limb
  • Different tubing types: Corrugated, Extendible, Smoothbore
  • Y & Elbow Connectors (ports optional)
comparison of anesthesia circuit types

comparison of anesthesia breathing circuit types

Differences Between Corrugated and Smoothbore Anesthesia Breathing Circuits 

The smooth interior offers excellent unrestricted airflow
Corrugated exterior for excellent flexibility and prevents collapsing

compare corrugated circuit and smoothbore circuit

Differences between Corrugated circuit and Smoothbore circuit



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